The Barbarous Brigands of Frostbite Pass


Prepare to be utterly amazed by the latest instalment of Charlie Small’s incredible yet 100 per cent true adventures. At the end of his fifth journal, Charlie Small rocketed out of the strange and dark Underworld and over desert sands and a snowy white mountain range. With a table cloth over his head and a cushion strapped round his bottom, Charlie parachuted right into the middle of a small, swampy island. Clutching a mainly blank map that’s supposed to help him find the infamous Jakeman, he sets off for the next island, only to find himself face to face with a slimy, stinking, roaring swamp monster …Will Charlie manage to slip through its gloopy claws? Can he figure out Jakeman’s map and finally find out how to get home? And what are these rumours we’ve heard of a terrible tribe of weird warriors and a mysterious hairy traveller from the North? Only by reading Charlie’s sixth journal will you find out …

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The Barbarous Brigands of Frostbite Pass

Book by Charlie Small