Crafty Crime-busting


First criminals could easily get away with murder.
Then a killer was caught out by a bloody thumbprint.
Now even microscopic clues can be used to collar crooks.

This crafty guide gives you the low-down on how the experts crack
crime. Sneak a peek inside and you’ll uncover the correct way to
dust for dabs, how to work out if someone’s disguising their handwriting,
and why a dead body can reveal crucial clues. Keep your
eyes peeled and you’ll discover how DNA solved the mystery of a
missing princess, why maggots can help to convict a criminal, and
which murderer sealed his fate by polishing his shoes.

Plus: Try your hand at a spot of DIY detection. Have you got what
it takes to crack a case?

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Crafty Crime-busting

By (author) Rachel Wright, Illustrated by Clive Goddard , Illustrated by Royston Robertson