Breaking & Entering Book by Becky Rainbird


Just outside London, at the Verity Lang Academy for the Performing Arts, (a famous boarding school that attracts talented students from all over the world) are six teenage friends from diverse backgrounds who form up-and-coming band Lucky Six. There’s confident English lead singer/songwriter, Laurie Hawker, her computer-whiz younger brother and bass guitarist Jack, Japanese Aimi Akita who’s the band’s lead guitarist (and general limelight-stealer), hard-working American student Mary Beth Fellows on keyboard, dopey but lovable American Noah Hansen on drums and sharp-witted French student, backing singer and band manager Elle Beaumont.After solving their first case, Lucky Six get a taste for sleuthing and put their teamwork skills to the test time and time again as they solve a range of exciting mysteries.”Breaking and Entering”: After a huge row with Laurie, Aimi decides to go solo. But the label manager interested in helping her realise this has dangerous ulterior motives. Can the other band members protect their friend and prevent the break up of the band?

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Breaking & Entering

Book by Becky Rainbird