100 Facts Coral Reef (PAPERBACK)


100 Facts Coral Reef is bursting with exactly 100 fascinating facts, unbelievable images and fun activities to help children aged 6-10 years learn everything they need to know about this beautiful underwater wonder.
– Full-page illustrations to amaze young learners.
– Numbered facts help you and your child to track their progress.
– Cartoons and fun facts throughout add humour to learning.
Synopsis – Product details
100 Facts Coral Reef contains key topics about these rainforests of the sea in simple, exciting numbered facts. Every page features fantastic illustrations and photographs make coral reef facts for kids easier to understand.
Topics covered in 100 Facts Coral Reef:
– Why a coral reef grows and what lives among them
– How a deep-sea diver can explore coral safely
– When the coral reefs will disappear
‘I don’t believe it’ fascinating facts:
– Coral polyps don’t always make good neighbours. If space is short, the polyps from one coral might start to eat the polyps from a neighbouring one, or sting them to death!
– Coral reefs are very slow growers. A reef can grow about 10 centimetres a year if the conditions are just right.
– Mantis shrimps are powerful punchers. They surprise their prey by hitting out at speeds of 240 metres per second.
Activities to make learning accessible and interactive:
– Create a treasure map for a coral island using paper and old tea bags
– Quiz question: Mangrove tree roots only grow on land. True or false?
– Save our reefs! Make a poster to show the different ways coral reefs are being damaged and destroyed

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100 Facts Coral Reef